Ctrl : The Long Anticipated Album

The wait is over and boy was it worth it! SZA released her secondary album “Ctrl” yesterday evening and it brings attention to the unanswered questions and overlooked situations. The album review below analyzes each of the 14 tracks. I highly recommend you listen to the album before reading reviews and remember, these are my personal opinions and views on the songs so feel free to disagree!

“Wish I was comfortable just with myself but I need you”Supermodel, Track 1

SZA starts this song off by saying that the relationship has gone bad. Cheating has occurred, she isn’t receiving the attention she desires, and it is just all trash. Unfortunately, the fear of being alone forces her to believe that she needs him, despite the current situation and state of their relationship. She says that she could be his supermodel but after all that has occurred, slim chance. This is dedicated for all of those people who remained in the relationship even though it was sinking faster than the Titanic.

“Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me?” -Love Galore ft. Travis Scott, Track 2

This is the song that describes the typical aftermath after a bad relationship. You have sworn off of boys but you still need something to do and stimulate you. You resort to a useless something where both parties have no clue why they are even entertaining the foolery. As mentioned in the song “Do it for fun”, just don’t get ya heartbroken with all that love galore. Remember that you have to put yourself first at times, even if that means enjoying the empty thrills of a makeshift something. Just keep ya heart 3 stacks in the midst of having a good time.

“You deserve the whole box of chocolates” – Doves in the Wind ft. Kendrick Lamar , Track 3

I hope that everyone hears the true message in this song after they get over how many times the word vagina is mentioned. SZA and Kendrick are saying that there is more to relationships and people than sex. Yes it is a factor, but people do the most to reach that “achievement” when there is actually so much more to unlock and experience besides the physical. Get ya mind out of the bedroom and into the more stimulating, intellectual side of someone.

“I get so lonely, I forget what I’m worth” – Drew Barrymore, Track 4

This song hit home. Every girl has experienced this emotion. No matter how confident you are, if the right person isn’t showing you attention and affection, you start to doubt yourself. SZA actually hit on this point heavily in her Breakfast Club interview, so I encourage you to take a listen and understand that you are still worth something regardless of how your person sees you.

“Promise to get a little better as I get older, and you’re so patient” – Prom, Track 5 (devoted to the brown sugar relationships, im getting it together)

Also feeling this song in my soul, SZA is speaking to the immaturity and difficulty growing in a relationship when that partner is already matured. If you find yourself in a situation where you are the immature one, understand that you grow on your own time and no one can rush that. If you miss out on a relationship or experience because of your maturity, do not tear yourself apart. Be grateful that you weren’t forced to move when you weren’t ready, but start to get yourself together so you don’t miss out on something great.

“My man is my man is your man. Her, this her man too” – The Weekend, Track 6

Let me just say that the intro of the song did not prepare me for the lyrics. It started off smooth and sensual and then… SHOOK IS HOW YOU HAD ME SZA GIRL!! She essentially says that this man is playing all of us, but let us play our roles and enjoy ourselves regardless. However, it takes so much woman and strength to be engaged in such a situation. Yeah, he is running games but I am going to run to his house on the weekend and be his weekend girl regardless. Liberation. True evolution from Brandy and Monica’s, The Boy is Mine.

“You need some get right mama” – Gina, Track 7

If you are in a super committed relationship, this song is for you sis. It is lovely that you are completely wrapped in love and talking about marriage plans with ya sweetheart, but please don’t forget to live your life. Don’t spend all this time hopelessly devoted and not take the opportunity to go out with your girls or live a little. I am not saying to be any less faithful, but you can let your hair down, remain faithful, and still be able to say that you have experienced all that life has to offer besides marriage vows.

“You keep me down to earth, call me on my bs” – Garden (Say it like dat), Track 8

This is devoted to those lovers who saw through your flaws, insecurities, and rocked with you regardless. These people are so important so please cherish them and let them know your appreciation. They will be there despite your current relationship or whatever mess you drowned in because they genuinely care and vibe with you. Put some respect on that bond.

“Still love and its still love, nothing but love for you” – Broken Clocks, Track 9

Growth and realization. The song you listen to when you are over the bs from the past but no longer harbor negative feelings towards that person. It’s still love because we learned a lesson from the rocky road, but you are no longer here for the antics or shenanigans. Just like a broken clock, you have no time….

“This time baby promise I have learned my lesson”– Anything, Track 10

Going off of the same realization vibe from Broken Clocks, Anything is saying that you finally have learned your lesson and saw that person for what they are, however you still crave the wild ride of love, heartbreak, and recovery. Be careful, this can be dangerous. Stand for something or fall for anything…

“You know just takin’ it slow baby” – Wavy (Interlude) ft James Fautleroy, Track 11

This is the approach many of us need to take. Instead of being on an endless prowl for love or a new situation, sit back and let the right time present itself. Constantly chasing gets very tiring and old after a while. You would be surprised the things that appear when you step back and observe.

“Wish I was the type of girl you take over to mama” – Normal Girl, Track 12

Normal Girl is dedicated to all my ladies who might be classified as “rough around the edges”. You are argumentative and confusing when it comes to everything except the physical, because you know exactly how to take charge of that area in your love life. Nothing about you is simple and normal, yet you long for that simplicity sometimes just to make life easier. Ladies, DO NOT be ashamed of being that complicated girl. I am convinced that our struggles add to our character and we will grow from our faults.

“We hit the window a few times” – Pretty Little Birds ft Isaiah Rashad, Track 13

Would SZA be herself if she didn’t drop a metaphorical track or have a feature with Isaiah Rashad? This beautiful, delicate song is the recovery and moving forward stage. Yes, you have fallen out of the sky, lost your direction, or had your wings bruised. Yet you are ready to move on and try flying again with someone else. You understand the ups and downs of love and accept that the fall is necessary for the rise. Spread your wings and soar pretty little bird.

“Good luck on them 20 somethings” – 20 Somethings, Track 14 (not having your life together, pray for it)

The perfect way to end the album. Ctrl is dedicated to everyone in their 20 somethings because each song and experience is occurring in the 20’s of our lives. The never ending confusion, thrills, heartbreak, and inability to take complete ownership is our daily situation. God bless these 20 somethings because not having your life together quite yet is difficult yet heavy with so much raw beauty. We will get through it together.

So continue to figure life out. Be that proud side chick, identify your insecurities, appreciate your forever person, give the deserving person more than just the box, and learn to fly again. Whatever you do, maintain Ctrl.

All thanks to SZA for this incredible work of art,




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