Closed Doors : A Hard Pill to Swallow

For those readers who personally know me, you already know the story of my failed voyage to China. For those of you who do not, let me give you a brief synopsis…I was supposed to be traveling to China in July along with two other students from my journalism school as a study abroad internship type of thing. Unfortunately, a week before the trip, we were told that flights hadn’t been booked and some other issues couldn’t be resolved so the trip had to be cancelled. Sucks,right? Now that you are all caught up, let’s dive into the point of this post.

Not only was I upset about the money I had already invested in a visa, travel immunizations (which are not cheap, even with insurance), and other travel expenses but I started to proclaim Summer 2017 as the worst summer ever. I wasn’t able to get hired anywhere or accept an internship offer because I was going to be out of the country in July. My whole summer was devoted to this trip. This was going to be my highlight! The light at the end of my tunnel that was filled with days are lying around the house counting down the days until July 10th. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe the emotions felt when hearing the bad news. However, in my efforts to remain positive I realized two outcomes from this cancelled crusade.

  1. Everything happens for a reason
  2. Something greater is coming

You are probably thinking “Okay Victoria, duh, our parents told us that every time we didn’t make the sports team or the school play”. Those two phrases listed above seem to be the go to words of comfort to someone who experiences defeat, discouragement, or bad news. Yet, they are the only phrases that actually aid you in moving on from the slammed shut door. So I began to internalize these two things and repeat them to myself over and over again. Last Friday, I received two opportunities that could possibly turn this dismal summer around. Unfortunately, I was met with yet another closed door and I am still waiting to hear back from the other. Yesterday evening, I found myself staring at my ceiling in deep thought and the phrase “When God closes one door, He opens another” continued to run across my mind. Yes, the statement raised my spirits slightly but let’s be realistic…accepting closed doors is a hard, hard pill to swallow. This was going to be my summer to experience another country for the first time while also gaining experience and skill in my desired field. Being okay with that vision shattered is very difficult. I have gotten better at accepting bad news and looking for what is next, but I believe we should all be honest and agree that we all struggle in these situations.

So how do you internalize and move past a closed door? First, fully come to terms with the situation. Whether its verbally, in your journal, or in the group chat with your best friends, let it all out! The frustration, disappointments, string of curse words, or whatever helps you relinquish all the hurt. After you have done your lemon squeeze, think about what is next. What can be done to make this situation better? What would be even better than this failed opportunity? Make your game plan for the comeback and try to put into action. Once that is written, send up some prayers and stay ready for the blessing coming your way! Of course, all of this is easier said than done. I sat in my bubble bath this morning trying to make my game plan but my mind kept going back to how my professor played a role in this mess or how I shouldn’t have passed on other opportunities. Try your best to remain positive especially when you are expecting for a major blessing. Keep in mind that moments of stillness in your life can be necessary. Failed attempts make for great backstories when you finally get to where you should have been the whole time. Chin up and remember that greater is coming! It just might not be in your projected time frame or desired path.

To conclude this post, I would like to share something with you all that touched my heart and gave me hope. My line sister, Millan Robinson, was also scheduled to journey to China. We both were distraught but were able to share some encouraging words with one another. She sent me this picture below via Instagram and I ended up posting it as a visual reminder. I wish you all the best in your open and closed doors! Save this picture below and refer to it whenever needed.

Blessing and well wishes in the rest of your summer ventures,



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