Chapter Twenty One

Amen. I made it to 21! Life thus far has been filled with curve balls and hurricanes that I never thought I would recover from. Yet, here I am today celebrating another year of life.

The weeks leading up to 21 have been emotional, stressful, and a headache to say the least, yet there is always a lesson nestled deep down in all the dirt. 21 year old Victoria is dynamic, authentic, and ready to take on the world. These four items below embody the previously mentioned words and will guide me through this 21st chapter.

1. Stop Working for Free

Okay, yall mind if I brag on myself real quick? I AM GOOD AT WHAT I DO. You need your paper edited and revised? I got you. You need help with your blog? I got you. You need pictures taken? I got you. You need your Instagram page managed? I got you. The time is now for me to realize that doing these things for free is foolish and not lucrative on my part. Everyone needs a side hustle and I have been doing this for too long without the hustle aspect. So, you heard it here first folks! From now on, I will be collecting my coins for any and all services. Cash app also accepted.

2. Social Media Remodeling

I am beyond tired of scrolling down my timeline and seeing constant party promotion flyers, pictures without substance, and those childish “Dm me a question you always wanted to ask me” games. I have made good use of the “unfollow” button on Twitter and Instagram over the past two weeks. I need substance on my feed and something to spark my creativity.  We are sponges that soak up everything in our environment. Continuously seeing negativity and complacency on my phone screen is toxic and exhausting. I should be able to scroll down my timeline and feel inspired to write a post or change the world. Sorry to inform you, but nothing about you holding up a bag of drugs and money is inspiring. Starting today,  I need elevation, creativity, inspiration, and forward thinking vibes on my timeline. If the page doesn’t meet my criteria…*unfollow*

3.Recognize your support system

Like I mentioned before, I have a bomb family, friend group, and gang of sisters. These people always check me when wrong, praise me in my high moments, and are ready to ride whenever necessary. Each one of you has a different section in my heart and I am beyond blessed to have such a fierce group of people in my corner. Growing up as an only child, I couldn’t wait to meet my lifelong group of special people. Thank God I have finally found that group. Here is to many more celebrations, tears, laughter, and wine nights. I love you all endlessly. I’m going to keep this one short before I mess up my makeup but know that I could write for days and days about each one of you.

4. Take Breaks, but don’t get lazy

I have finally come to terms with taking breaks from being superwoman. Days to lay in bed or treat myself to sushi always restore my energy and motivation. However, I had to catch myself because too many breaks can turn into laziness, the ultimate success killer. We tend to get comfortable being stagnant because it is convenient yet want to cry out when nothing is being achieved. I am far too old to be complacent and okay with mediocrity. I have learned how to effectively take breaks and understand when it’s time to get back in the game.

This has definitely been one of the best birthdays so far. Thank you for all the birthday wishes and displaying of love. I appreciate everything that has been done to make my day special and I wish for many more successful birthday’s.

The best of wishes,

(finally legal) Victoria


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