Support Yourself.

Possibly the hardest pill to swallow in growing up is understanding that not everyone will support you. Everyone is not going to support every move that you make. People will forget or intentionally not wish you Happy Birthday. People will scroll past your new job update on LinkedIn. Others will see you reaching out for support on your project or at an event, and turn a blind eye.

We know this. The reality is that not everyone will be there for everything. But why do we trip so much when the support isn’t strong? Are we truly just disappointed because we expected those closest to us to be there like our mom at our first dance recital and football game? Or are we seeking the validation that we are indeed doing the right thing and on the right track?

Quite frankly, both of those questions are the reasons why we sulk and sub tweet those who didn’t show up. However, the problem does not reside in those two instances. The problem festers in the place we sink to from the hurt and rejection. Instead of continuing on with our success and journey, we get caught up in who wasn’t there and who didn’t send their congratulations.The time we spend blocking those people or holding grudges we could be perfecting our business plan or writing another blog post.

We always say that our journey is our journey, yet we let others actions cloud our vision and affect our progression. You will secure your goals and dreams without the plaudits of others or need for a pat on the back. Now of course, being appreciated, hearing a thank you, and seeing your friend in the crowd cheering you on are some of the greatest feelings. However, we cannot become dependent on those reactions and solely seek them after making a major move. First off, not all your friends are going to support you simply because they are unhappy with their current position in life and envy your success. Some of your friends want to see you do good but not better than them. You will also have friends who don’t care at all what you have going on but expect you to praise and worship them, but that’s a whole other conversation.

Show your appreciation for those who do support you. Support others from the goodness and kindness of your heart and not simply because you want something back. Do not let someone’s ignorance, jealousy, or lack of caring halt what you have going on. In the words of my mother, “one monkey doesn’t stop a show”. Keep progressing and shining. Support and appreciate yourself. There is too much work to be done and bags to be secured to allow others to stop that climb.

Let’s get this money, shall we?



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