Making Space

Let me get straight to the point.

I’ve recently noticed that I need to make space in my life. I’ve been holding onto old things that have died many moons ago, yet I keep them tucked away just in case… It’s beginning to be a problem. I’ve been hanging onto so many random remnants of old friendships, lovers, and situations that I could stitch them together and make a quilt large enough to drape over the shoulders of the ghosts of my past.

I’ve been clinging to memories and pieces that will never transpire again so much that I think I’m abusing the meaning of forgiveness. I’ve cleared my heart and mind but that doesn’t mean I have to keep these items hanging in my closet to thumb through daily, recounting the times I’ve worn them. Quite frankly, all those past pieces are worn out.

I’ve been struggling with the idea of saving face and being syrupy sweet that I’m nauseous. These pieces keep finding themselves on my back and arms, weighing me down like weights labeled “don’t forget about this”.

So I purge. I release those pieces and pack them neatly away in boxes and pass them on. What good are items that no longer fit? They are wasting precious space…space where new items need to go. These fresh pieces cannot sit comfortable if they are squished next to faded pieces that no longer suit me.

So here is a little food for thought…what pieces do you have that need to go?

Love and light,


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