Every Woman : A Tribute to Your Womanhood

Happy Women’s History Month!

There is nothing like being a woman, truly. This month’s festivities inspired my “Food for Thought” questions, so I posed three questions dedicated to all my ladies worldwide.

Define your womanhood in three words. 

I would use nurturing, duality, and evolving to define my womanhood. It’s no secret that women are the nurturers of the family. The warmth that fills the room after a good venting session is like no other. But as women, I encourage us to be careful with this quality. It’s a blessing and a curse because sometimes we consume ourselves with others burdens so much that we forget to water our own flowers or allow others to water them. Understand balance and boundaries.

Duality is so important because there is no one way to be a woman. I can be super feminine or throw on a pair of sneakers and shop in the men’s section but still remain a woman. I can be soft but coarse when necessary. Ladies, stop allowing others ( especially men) tell you how to be a woman or speak on things they know nothing about. Be your own woman in any way you see fit.

I want us all to understand that the women we are today will not be the women we look at in the mirror five years from now. Each day we learn lessons that mold us into bigger and better. Mistakes that you make today will not forever define you (Jordyn Woods, this one is for you…we believe you & stand with you sis) You will be dumb and naive. You will discredit yourself. You will not see your own precious beauty and innocence. But ladies, we are constantly evolving. Just as the world continuously spins, we transform and move into different realms of our womanhood. We rise and fall like waves, crashing into better versions of ourselves.

What do you enjoy most about being a woman?

My favorite part about being a woman is our body structure and anatomy. It’s no secret that we birth nations and create life from a space that seems so small yet so vast. We are complex creatures. I would describe our bodies as beautiful nightmares. The slightest thing can throw off our pH but a few daily squats result in the perfect booty. Each part of us comes together to form something so mystifying that’s regarded as beauty in the purest form.

I wanted to do my special topics in art project on the beauty of the naked female body and was told by my professor, who was a woman, that I was incapable of doing a nude shoot and there was no way to do it without it being inappropriate. It infuriated me to hear this coming from the mouth of a woman because she was feeding into the narrative that our bodies can only be admired for their sexual benefit. All I’m going to say is…women can exhibit their body in non sexual ways but they are also still allowed to be sexual beings. How dare someone tell you how to use your body! The audacity.

What’s something we can do better as women?

There is room for all of us at the top.

Stop hating on people who are also hustling and grinding. Everyone has to make their coin. Understand that multiple people can be good at blogging, doing makeup, or applying lashes. Also understand that no one will do it like you, so what’s the point in throwing unnecessary shade or being upset that someone is utilizing their talent? At the end of the day, we all have to eat. Spirits of jealousy and bitterness will only fail you in the long run. I have also been guilty of giving the side eye to newcomers on the street and for that, I graciously apologize but I’ve come to understand that there is room for all of us. Girl gang, let’s do this!

During Women’s History Month, make more history! Let your voices be heard and your power be felt. Give yourself the credit you deserve and never stop going for what you want. Think of those who came before you…you have big shoes to fill so rise to the occasion!

Love and light,



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  1. mommyincolor says:

    I love how you describe our bodies! I cant wait to see your nude form in art!!!


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