A Message to Creatives

It all started with an idea. An idea that deserved to be turned into a reality.

You stayed up until 3am writing your plan and making sure it was tight. You prayed that it would work and that people would see the vibes.

You finally execute and it’s a hit! Everyone loves it, you’re getting good feedback, you’re making money, and your brainchild is a success.

But, a few months in or a year later, it’s not hitting like it used to. People stopped supporting, you lost your fire, or you hit a major block. You’re frustrated and defeated and don’t know what to do. All you know is that you want your thing to continue.

Don’t give up. Re-brand and re-evaluate so you can jump back into the groove of creating. Take the time you need to figure out what needs to be done but do not throw in the towel. Find a way to get over the block or hump that has you stuck staring at your computer screen for hours. Start fresh. Go back to the drawing board. Whatever you do…do not give up.

I’m speaking from the place of almost letting go. I confused a writer’s block and busy schedule with my creativity being trash. I saw my once brilliant idea pointless. I was so close to letting it go until I realized…it’s natural and almost necessary for you to hit walls that leave you ready to slide down them and give up on your creative journey. As I sat on that wall, I made a new game plan. I tapped back into the real reason why I started my blog in the first place. I had to remember my intentions. Once I did all of this, I stood up and kept going.

Creatives, do not give up. Keep going, keep creating, and keep thinking. Find beauty in failing and trial & error. Appreciate those who support you and figure out how to grab the attention of others. Remain authentic and open. Be intentional.

As for me, I’m still in the process of re-branding and making this bigger and better. Let me know how I can better serve my readers because after all, I do it for each and every one of you. And as always, I’m going to keep it pure and transparent.

So here’s to all the creatives and aspiring creatives. Do your thing and don’t let anything stop you from doing it. Do it and do it well. If you’ve been hesitating, let this be your push.

Love and light,



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