Get Out of Your Head


Overthinking is a game of tug of war within mind where one side is consumed with everything that is wrong in my life and the other side is begging and tugging that I stop the madness and relax.

I recently moved to Maryland and I’ve been in shambles for the past two weeks. I couldn’t sleep the week before my move and when I finally arrived, I couldn’t eat. My mind was playing a constant movie of what was to come and I couldn’t find the remote fast enough to turn it off…or did I really look for it?

Overthinking is a nice distraction from focusing on what actually matters and what can actually be fixed. I let my thoughts race all week which kept me in my bed instead of getting out to explore the city or prepare for my first day. I dug a hole for myself and was content with staying there instead of acknowledging what cannot be changed and moving on with my life. I let things that I cannot change drive me insane to the point where I don’t want to focus on things that I could control.

That’s another major problem. I have a hard time letting things be. In efforts of being hardworking and not letting laziness consume me, I’ve convinced myself that I can always do something to fix certain outcomes. That way of thinking is flawed. There will be times where you do all that you can and the cards will still not work in your favor. This is a hard pill that I’m still trying to swallow.

Overthinking also shows you the true power of thoughts. I created so many scenarios in my head that resulted in failure. Power really does reside in the tongue and mind and I had to quickly shake those thoughts away. Imagine myself actually failing because I spoke that into existence? disgusting.

I don’t think there is a definite cure to overthinking or maybe I haven’t yet reached that level. You can be the most confident person in the world and still have moments where you question anything and everything in between. You can learn how to handle it correctly by acknowledging when you do it and doing what you need to do to curb those thoughts from winning. You can only think about the things you can control and give those other things to God or lay them to rest.

Is it a coincidence that everything falls into place when you finally stop overthinking or is it just that that’s what was going to happen but you had to release the negative to accept the blessings? The more I go through this cycle, I understand that it’s the second one. This has become an incentive to not let my mind wander to places it has no business being.

Let this be your wake up call to get out of your head and get back to enjoying and living your life.

Love and light,



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