Welcome to in the words of vic, formerly known as quintessentially speaking! In addition to improved elements and new additions coming to the blog this year, I figured that a name change would be appropriate.

Speaking of new and fresh…

Restoration. Preparation. Access. 

These are my words for the new year, which is also something new because I usually write out a long list of concrete goals and specific targets I want to achieve but I went for a different approach. These are more broad yet still specific as they match the balance of making goals but not being so picky to the point where things don’t get done. Here are the reasons for each:

Restoration– As a collective, I think we can agree that 2019 was an extremely bittersweet year, leaning more on the bitter side. In the midst of successes and new beginnings, the thorns pricked me and brought out pain that I had no clue existed. I moved to DC to start grad school but was met with issues that had the potential to change my whole plan. I feel like I’ve finally grabbed those lemons and made a bomb glass of lemonade. In 2020, I’m restoring lost power and rebuilding from the things that shook me. I know how to maneuver much better, and for that, I thank 2019 for throwing me in the boxing ring and not letting me leave until I stood up and regained energy and balance.

Preparation- I understand that things take time and the instant gratification that we all crave isn’t realistic. In 2019, I started to beat myself up because I felt like I wasn’t where I needed to be financially and career wise. This year is about focusing on the preparation rather than being upset those things aren’t a reality quite yet. Instead of dwelling on anger and disappointment, I’m putting that energy into continuously working and knowing that timing is everything. Preparing my future space all year long.

Access- When you think about all the connections you have that you haven’t tapped into yet, it’s slightly sickening. 2020 is the year of using the access I already have and acquiring more. Pride and fear of rejection has a lot to do with this one. Yet, if my invitation to get coffee gets declined or work doesn’t get chosen, it will be okay! I like to think of it as locked levels on a video game. Keep blasting through the levels until you’ve unlocked them all. Access is the snowball that gets bigger and bigger the more you work on it. I’m looking forward to unlocking levels and holding my giant snowball.

What are your words for the new year? Journal it, comment below the post or drop it under the Instagram and Twitter post. Cheers to all new everything!

as always love and light but now it’s even more meaningful because it’s…

in the words of vic.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rae says:

    Restoration.Preparation.Access I’m with it. I enjoyed reading this Victoria and look forward to reading more from you and seeing your impact and imprint overall 🙏🏽💫☮️🙌🏽✊🏽


  2. Cay says:

    manifesting. growth. preparation.

    I really resonate with this post especially taking the right steps in preparation for what’s to come.


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