nightmares from the bottom

It all started with a tweet.

Well, really this has been on my mind for months. For some reason there is a trend in those who have reached success, turning around to snub those on their way up.

Let’s unpack.

The majority of issues can be resolved when somebody looks into the tone and taste of how things were said and presented. I understand that as a young professional in whatever industry you may be in, you should know the basics of professionalism and how to properly reach out. However, that standard is becoming as nuanced as the hairdressers who want you to come washed, blow dried, pressed and parted! 

Everyone has preferences when it comes to being addressed, emailed or spoken to. If someone does not live up to those expectations, constructively critiquing them is the way to go, not churning out a few tweets that clearly target that person. 

Yes, you have to have tough skin when it comes down to it but I find it strange that some go out of their way to bash those coming up after them. 

Why are people so afraid to reach back and give a constructive, not condescending piece of advice? Why is it such an issue to lend a hand or be that person that you had on your way up? 

And let’s cut the track on the “I didn’t have any handouts, I made it without anyone!” rhetoric. The majority of us had a professor, mentor or someone we looked up to hip us to the game while still showing love and support. Bottom line, there is always one person somewhere, somehow that aided in your come-up whether it be a small or large gesture. 

I’ve mostly seen this trend on Twitter which I believe is result of people seeking retweets and clout. Is your humility and persona the sacrifice for “2.k” under your tweet and other snarky quoted remarks? 

You can’t expect to make it and gain success without those who look up to you wanting to reach out or speak to you. No, you shouldn’t be placed on the pedestal and you aren’t obligated to do anything but let’s take the needle off the record that’s telling you that snubbing and looking down on others is the way to go. 

Yes, I’ve worked for everything that I’ve received. However, I would be insane not to show appreciation to big brothers and sisters, professors or a journalist I met at an event taking a chance on me or just being willing to hear me out. It’s because of those people that I’ve gained wisdom, access and even confidence. I’m giving myself credit for walking into rooms but I’m also shouting them out for giving me that well-needed pep talk before I crossed over the threshold. 

All I’m saying is… remember what those shoes felt like. Remember being scared as hell to walk up to that person in the coffee shop and ask for their contact information and if they would be willing to give you a few pointers. Now imagine if you walked out of the coffee shop and went to tweet your excitement but instead saw a nasty tweet about the encounter from that very person. 

We have to do better and I’m vowing to be that change now and in the future. I refuse to add to those who are kicking the fingers of those climbing.

In the words of vic, how will you handle this when you reach your destination of success? 

Love and light, 



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  1. Infamous says:

    “I’m giving myself credit for walking into rooms but I’m also shouting them out for giving me that well-needed pep talk before I crossed over the threshold.”

    Very poetic, real and humble! 💫


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