dear black girl

Find yourself in one or two, or maybe all of them. After all, there is no one way to be a black girl.

to the awkward black girl…

Your complexities and quirks make you different. You might feel as though you don’t belong in certain spaces because you’re more reserved, but you belong in every room that you put yourself in. Go at your own pace and do what makes you comfortable, but also try to push that comfort envelope to experience growth. You don’t have to mask your awkwardness. You don’t have to be anyone but yourself. Do it for you.

to the outspoken black girl…

No matter how many people try to silence you, don’t let them. Your voice is your power. Be loud, take up space and have your strong opinions. You will be the ones to lead the revolution. Your conversations might start controversy, but that’s where breakthroughs happen. Change comes out of controversy. Even when no one is listening, keep going, we hear you.

to the black girl whose killing it…

Girl, we see you! We are all rooting for you! Yet, within your hustle we know that you get tired. We know the weight you carry with having to have it all together for those looking up to you. It’s okay to be transparent. It’s okay to rest. You can rest and still have your foot on our necks.

to the black girl who is waiting on her come up… 

Don’t stop. Your moment is coming. The fruits of your labor will be mangoes, pineapples and peaches. It’s difficult seeing everyone get theirs except for you, but comparison only leads to your destruction. Everything doesn’t have to go through struggle to be great but a lot of come-up stories are marked with the guts before the glory. You don’t have to suffer, but you do have to work. Keep at it, you’re on your way.

to the black girl who feels invalidated… 

Ask yourself… “who am I seeking validation from?” What if those people aren’t qualified to give critiques or validation? Even if they are qualified, who says their word is the final say in whether you have it or not?? Your feelings are valid and so is your voice. Look at your growth, that’s your validation. Look at your work, that’s your validation. We see you.

to every black girl…

There is beauty in our differences. We come in different shapes and flavors. There is no box. Each day, black girls break down walls with their hair, fashion, voices and work. There is literally nothing that we can’t do.

In the words of vic…

When it comes to range, we are the definition. It’s all yours.


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